The Szala family has long history in the agriculture business. In the 20s and 30s of the XX century the great grandfather  cultured salmon fish in the Vistula river , employing 300 people,  from all over Poland. Parallelly he was the owner of large fields north of Warsaw, where he was growing crops and vegetables.


After the 2nd world war, due to  change of economical system on the in Poland the business went through many  changes. However it didn’t discourage entrepreneurs spirit that was passed to the next generations. During the post war period the growing demand of Soviet Union in flowers, was an incentive to start greenhouses business for tulips, carnations, vegetables and fruits.


In the 1987 when the free market was slowly reintroduce in the Polish economy, plant  for manufacturing plastics was constructed by the founder  and current owner Andrzej Szala. Plastic bags,  bottles and other packages where produced and sold to supermarkets and foodstuffs producers on the territory of  Poland.


Systemic  changes in 1989 opened new possibilities for developing business.


The bonded warehouse ( second in Poland) was founded. That triggered cooperation with sports equipment producers ( Reebok, Scott),  cloths, accessories and  other, Samsung electronic equipment like video cassettes, satellite dishes and many other products.


In 1991 Szalpol became  the sole distributor of electronic equipment.


In the middle of ’90 the international transport department  has been established, providing complex refrigerated transport, forwarding and logistics services in scope of both national and international carriages, operating from North Africa to Siberia.


Since 1990 the main interest of  SZALPOL company  has been  international trade of  food commodities. Starting form lucrative trade with Eastern Europe -  Russia, Belarus , Ukraine in meat , dairy products , flour , sugar and retail products like candies, chocolates and other confectionaries. In following years new destinations in  EU, Africa, Asia and products were added to the portfolio including pulses and food ingredients.


At the moment SZALPOL company is selling  about 30 different products  to more than  40 countries around the world.